Friendly Links

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Hint : [ Names not listed in order ]

Please submit your friendly link on

My Sites # A

  1. Blog @ Chiu Yau ( )

  2. ( )

Friendly Chain # B

  1. 许建华博客 ~一个草根站长的个人博客。

  2. 萌博 ~萌萌的博客,欢迎来访。

  3. Baoshuo's Site ~宝硕博客

Government # C

  1. Independent blog, independent domain name.

  2. HTTPS is enabled on the entire site, and HSTS, HPKP, DNSSEC and DNS CAA are enabled, and the site security test level reaches A+.

  3. No bad content on the site, and no external links to bad sites.

  4. The website has not been blacklisted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has not been marked as a bad website by security organizations, and the website domain name and server IP address have not been blocked.

  5. The website does not open too slowly, you can use the CDN service.

And, this is only a basic requirement. I suggest using Cloudflare to achieve the above requirements.