This page describe the Gitbook blog system.


The blog system I am using, and what you are seeing.

Cloud Storage

It comes with 10 spaces free for personal to create own Gitbook, you can link them to your own domain name by a cname record.

Auto BackUp

It auto backup after your edit, so you won't lose anything, just type!


You don't have to install any application, check the server environment, config the database, etc or worried about misconfiguration. It comes with SSL, auto-renew SSL cert when it is going to expire, SSL is already install & ready in your space.


You do not need to pay any cent for the first 10 free spaces Gitbook for personal, but premium edition has to paid, it depends on your need.


It's 99.9% uptime, because it has multiple server for backup of your space, you don't have to worried about attacks again.

Clear & Understandable

The Gitbook comes with clear page UI design, more clear setup than WordPress, although Gitbook has fewer function. And, it also has index tree just next to the article, you can have a content view of my site and for some long articles sometimes.

Beyond your expectation...

After you used Gitbook, you will find more advantages of it. I would like to use Gitbook for a long while, it is good enough for me to use.

Gitbook, much more beyond your expectation.