This page describe the Ghost blog system.


The world's most popular modern publishing platform for creating a new media platform. Used by Apple, SkyNews, Buffer, OpenAI, and thousands more.

Easy to start, fast to grow

Ghost makes it simple to publish content online, grow an audience with email newsletters, and make money from premium memberships. Made For Publishers, Entrepreneurs and Developers.

Powerful headless CMS

Ghost is the world’s most popular open source headless Node.js CMS — it ships with a default admin client and front-end, but you can also swap them out with your own JAMstack.

  • Headless CMS with Node.js REST APIs

  • Over 19x faster than WordPress

  • Secure & independently audited

  • The #1 CMS on Github

  • Custom theme or any JAMstack front-end

Easy to install on VM ( Linux )

You can have your hosting on Ghost, they will take care of it for you. For more, See

Want to install Ghost on your VM ? Just a few command to go. See to find out how to install.