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EKI, eki pronounce like "e" + "key" together, I think it is meaningless before I define it. "E" symbolizes modern, electrical and creative in the 21st century. I registered this domain to create a wonderful community, and also for show off.

I like one letter(.)ccTLD, it looks short and well-artistic designed. In my opinion, one letter(.)ccTLD is better than one number(.)ccTLD.

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The fastest way to whois a domain, with domain names input after the whois.sb/[yourdomainname.com]. For example, whois.sb/google.com.

Result of whois.sb/google.com

Ali.lc | Link Shortener

​Ali.lc | Link Shortener

Ali.lc | Link Shortener is a totally free, green and fast response link shortener server located in Hong Kong.

It generates short link with random string after ali.lc/[random string], but you can definitely customise the string for ease of remembering it.

Just another useful tool of Chiu Yau.